Pricing and Insurance

We as a staff have agreed that we value our patients’ autonomy and privacy and that networking with insurance is often a hindrance to those values. In other words, we do not participate in network with insurance companies. We provide service receipts if you would like to seek reimbursement by self-filing. Many patients also use a health savings or flexible spending account to pay for services.  Please let your provider know if the fees for service are an obstacle in receiving treatment and an arrangement may be able to be made utilizing our income based sliding scale. In office rates are the same regardless of which therapist you see or what intervention is used. We do not believe that one provider is more valuable than another, or that one intervention (such as EMDR) should cost more than another.

Psychotherapy (including individual, family, couples): $115 per clinical hour (note that intake often takes 1.5-2 hours)

Nutritional Therapy:  $115 per clinical hour (note that intake often takes 1.5-2 hours)

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy:  $150 per clinical hour 

Group Psychotherapy:  $75 per group (typically 1.5 hour)

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Intake Assessment  – $175 (up to 1 hour)

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Follow up appointments – $55-160 depending on duration

Intensive Outpatient Programming – a la cart pricing plus 10% discount



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