Healing Through Connection to Self and Others


True connection to ourself or to others is sometimes very difficult to achieve or feel. Some reasons we are unable to connect include numbing behaviors, avoidance, fear of vulnerability, and inexperience with safe relationships. At Connections, we work with you to become more able to achieve authentic connection to both yourself and others.

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Staff and Horses


“I started equine therapy with Britt because of my abandonment problems in the past and not wanting to connect with anyone….I enjoy working with Peachy, she has helped me so much with my connection to people. She has taught me that I can’t force someone to connect with me that I have to project that I want a connection and let people decide if they want to connect with me….she has taught me to slow my thoughts and stay in the moment and not in the past. I would not be where I am today without the help of Britt and Peachy!”


“Jesse is my riding horse. She helps me to stay grounded and stay in the moment, especially when I go through a flash back or get very very overwhelmed. It helps me remember to use all five of my senses. Peaches has helped me to learn to connect. Connect with people, connect with my feelings, and to learn to control myself when I get overwhelmed.”


“…I have found that I was learning to rebuild relationships through working with Peachy. I’ve been sharing emotion and vulnerability that I have never shared before. I personally have been shocked but extremely pleased with where I’ve come with her. Ive been through a lot of things, and have a way to go, but without this I would have been in a much darker place. Its a different type of therapy….I don’t think I could have honestly learned to build relationships any other way.”


“Equine therapy has actually been very beneficial for me. Its helped me learn the importance of trust and making choices, and it’s actually helped me become more confident in myself.”

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